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Meet the XoQUE Artists

Team: Meet the Team

Selina Calvo (she/her)

 Chicana Artist/Community Engagement/Muralist

Selina Calvo was born and raised in Sacramento, California.  From a young age Selina was surrounded by art and it influenced her sense of identity.


Berenice Badillo (she/her/ella)

Chicana Artist/Muralist/Social Emotional Engagement/Art Therapy

Berenice is a Spanish speaking Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Board Certified Art Therapist, illustrator, community muralist, and multimedia artist.


Jennifer Clay (she/her/hers/illappa)

Choctaw Artist/ Art Therapist/Environmental Art

Jennifer is the daughter of a boarding school survivor and both sides of her family are rooted in the red earth of Oklahoma. She is a member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma.

Sandra Carmona Head shot 2023.jpg

Sandra Carmona (she/her/ella)

Wixárika  Artist/Muralist/Tattoo Artist

Ke’aku (Hi), I am Sandra Carmona and I am of Wixárika descent, Chicana, the daughter of farmworkers, and a muralist for more than 20 years.

Who We Are

How We Got Here

Sandra Carmona, 2021

Team: About Us

Our Projects

Re-Member Her 2022
Berenice Badillo, Selina Calvo, Sandra Carmona and Ana Maria Herrera

Re-Member Her is comprised of eight never-before-seen site specific installations, of which Re-Member Her is the first installation in 2022, that seeks to create allegorical public spaces based in cultural justice. The Front Gallery in San Ysidro, California “Love is an Action” debuts XoQUE’s first installation. 
Through the imagery of the Aztec goddess Coyolxāuhqui , XoQUE seeks to interrupt the narrative of women as victims, by redirecting and defining a counter-story in which goddess-hood is reclaimed, wounds healed and sister-hood-honored. In Aztec mythology, Coyolxāuhqui is a goddess warrior that is defeated by her brother Huitzlopotchtli. Coyolxāuhqui is murdered and completely dismembered. She is banished to the darkness and in the darkness she transforms into the moon.
This body of work is an exploration of women living on the border and the current arrangements of social life. The moon represents our unconscious thoughts and emotions. Utilizing Gloria Anzaldúa (1987) metaphor of the body of a woman, or Mother Earth as the U.S.-México border, each installation represents a body part severed that looks at societal wounds, understanding how she has been fragmented, and the process of re-constructing her anew.
Each installation encourages audience participation to co-infect public spaces. The culmination of the work seeks to create intimacy in the attempt to pick up the fragments of our dismembered womanhood and reconstitute ourselves in harmony with nature, body and soul and the mind and spirit. Each series of installations honors each fragment for the purpose of examining and representing the experience of giving life rather than a result of violence and death.

Love is an Action 2022
Berenice Badillo, Selina Calvo, Sandra Carmona, Jennifer Clay and Ana Maria Herrera


San Diego State Latinx Resource Center
Selina Calvo, Sandra Carmona, Berenice Badillo, Jennifer Clay and Ana Maria Herrera


Tijuana Trienial: Pictoric International Art at The CECUT Centro Cultural Tijuana

Ana Maria Herrera, Sandra Carmona, Jennifer Clay, Selina Calvo and Berenice Badillo (Jim Bliesner)


County of San Diego Southeastern Live Well Center 
Berenice Badillo, Selina Calvo, Sandra Carmona, Jennifer Clay and Ana Maria Herrera


Chicano Park Restoration 2023-2024
Berenice Badillo, Sandra Carmona,  Selina Calvo and Jennifer Clay


Selina Lugo, Jennifer Clay, Sandra Carmona and Berenice Badillo


Vanguard Culture
Ana Maria Herrera, Jennifer Clay, Selina Calvo, Berenice Badillo and Sandra Carmona


CECUT Triennale


The Backbone or Agriculture 2024


Treacherous Titties

FSBN_Berenice_Pop Up_July_Aug2024-5-3.PNG


Team: Portfolio
Team: Welcome
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Taking up space and igniting conversation

ENVZN Urban Art Take Over 2023

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Upcoming Events

Team: Upcoming Events
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