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Selina Calvo

 Chicana Artist

Selina Calvo (she/her) was born and raised in Sacramento, California. From a young age Selina was surrounded by art and it influenced her sense of identity. Selina has explored various mediums of art such as painting with acrylics and watercolor as well as worked with ceramics and photography. She has exhibited in various galleries and venues throughout California and Tijuana, Mexico.

Selina is committed to organizing community events that positively impact the resident’s belief about their identity and provides a visual counternarritive to their own community. She is the co-founder of Mercado Golondrina which was a traveling urban arts market that promoted entrepreneurship and accessible opportunities for local artists so that they could create and sell their work. In 2016 she was co-founder of the community group ProjectReo which set out to revitalize Reo Drive and Paradise Hills. They organized community clean ups, movie nights, and family friendly holiday events. All this was done by engaging with community members, partnering with local city officials, and leaders.

Most recently, Selina is a teaching artist at A Reason to Survive located in National City where she teaches a class to youth of the Southbay region and LGBTQ community on how to create art interventions at local markets. She is also a RISE Urban Leadership Fellow. 

Selina Calvo: Meet the Team
Selina Calvo: Pro Gallery
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